Fur Fetish Mistress

I am a fur fetish mistress who wears a real fur coat and it’s wonderful to meet others who appreciate the rich sensuality of real fur. I have several fur coats as well as numerous boas and trims. I store them carefully to keep them moth-free, and for 6 months of every year I enjoy wearing them out and about. They are so soft and warm and beautiful, I feel like a million dollars!

I would be pleased to wear any real furs for you and should you wish to bring along to a session a gift of a fur coat, stole or boa you would have the privilege of seeing me wear it. Then again if you can't actually get to see me in person, you may always send me a gift of fur and if it is suitable to be included in a photo shoot, lucky you!

I have coats in blue fox, silver Fox and mink, not forgetting the  fabulous king of fur's, the Sable. I have double tailed fox fur boas in black, white and pale pink.

Fur Mistress Fox Fur Mistress


All over Europe, women are still enthusiastically wearing their furs, and I am proud to do so too. And support Harrods with their fur department. Just like the British Fur Council, I support the ban on the trade of endangered species. Responsibly farmed fur is ethically no different to the farming of animals for food leather shoes and handbags. Indeed to produce a good quality pelt from a creature, with a good gloss, that animal must be healthy and content, obviously happy in its environment.

Real Fur has 2 layers, guard hairs the long hairs act like whiskers all over the body sensing surroundings, these are what gives fur its natural gloss and not forgetting the under down with its woolly layer close to the skin therefore insulates the body warmth and has natural waterproofing.

Mink Fur Mistress