Corporal Punishment


Head Mistress Black is cruel and mean, with a vindictive vicious streak. Mistress Black is well known for her corporal punishments to males, the mistress especially hates thieves, liars and cheats. Mistress Black particularly enjoys judicial punishments by caning and is extremely good at wielding a dragon cane. With her love of the shot put, she has a magnificently strong right arm. Perfect for the males that misbehave and deserve severe corporal punishment. Mistress Black will bend you over, and make sure you are touching your toes. The skin of your bottom will be extremely taught in that position, so you will feel every single strike of whichever implement she decides to use. The corporal punishments will commence, and Mistress Black takes great delight in administering each stroke of the cane.  Pathetic losers, no hopers and wimps she enjoys dealing out double amounts of corporal punishment.  The badly behaved pupil won’t be sitting down in class for several days or possible weeks.

Mistress Black has to win at everything; no one or nothing gets in her way. Don't be fooled if she's nice to you, it’s probably because she wants something. Mistress Black does not do 'NICE'. Should another teacher decide to send you to Mistress Black for corporal punishment, you should beg for mercy, though she will never show you any.

At Black College for young gentlemen, dread the thought of ever crossing Mistress Black. A new pupil must be warned, always look over your shoulder, she could be behind you, and never say one bad word about her, she will find out! And above all, should she tell you to do something, DO IT! If she asks for anything, including your pocket money, just hand it over with a smile.

Judicial Punishment

Judicial Punishment Mistress

I Am Your

Prosecutor - Judge - Jury

And You Are


Prosecutor Black is cruel and sadistic, intoxicating and hypnotic. I will interrogate you and force you to own up to your crimes. You will be sentenced to judicial punishments. I am ruthless in my interrogation techniques therefore to lie and deceive are futile annoyances.

I am addressed as Judge Black in my court room. You will appear in the dock, chained and shackled, all your crimes and miss doings will be heard in my court. Evidence, statements and all notes will be read from the court bundle.

Obviously you are guilty, and no doubt of the sin of omission, therefore this jury has no other choice but to sentence you to judicial punishments.


Judicial Punishment Mistress 2