Meet Jo Black

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Corporal Punishment Mistress, Smoke Dom

Judicial Punishment Mistress, Fur Mistress

Mistress welcomes you to the art of erotic BDSM, fetish discipline and slave humiliation. Corporal punishments are all a slave should know. You will be submissive to this superior woman without question otherwise judicial punishments may ensue.

This is your exit from reality, into the surreal, by this dominant mistress. Fantasy encourages you to take the road less travelled. To explore your untapped depths and hidden desires. Get swept into the mistress's world of hypnotic role play, where mistress is your prosecutor, judge and jury.

This fur mistress is a beautiful dominant woman and you thought you could only dream about her. Sophisticated, with razor sharp intelligence and  creative flair. Fur Mistress has an sensual womanly body with a  soft creamy white skin and an. The fur mistress is powerful and always in control, you have not choice but obey.

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